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Seward County


 21: SW District Sheep School


 18: Seward County 4-H Club Days

28: Recipe Box Craft


 7: Regional Club Days

10: Monsanto Check Presentation

14: Robotics SPIN meeting

17: Making Snack Bags

28: Babysitting Workshop

30: Rada Fundraiser Begins


 2: Sheep and Goat Showmanship workshop, Overview

11: Mysteries at the Museum Photography SPIN

18: Mysteries at the Museum Photography SPIN

20: 4-H Council Meeting

21-22- County Government Days

25: Mysteries at the Museum Photography SPIN

27: Rada Fundraiser Ends


 1: Last day to add or drop a project

- all livestock weigh in

2: Mysteries at the Museum Photography SPIN

9: Mysteries at the Museum Photography SPIN

15: Wildhorse Camp registration Due

26-29: Discovery Days

28: Sheep/ Goat Showmanship Class

29: 1st half of Heart of Kansas Camp fee due

30: Campference Kids meet in Dodge City


 1-3: Campference

-Tractor safety Course

2: Fair Donation Gathering

- Food Project Meeting

4: Fair Donation Gathering

-Sheep and Goat Showmanship

5: Foods Day

8-10 Wildhorse Camp

11: Sheep/Goat Showmanship

13: Sewing Project Meeting

15: District Horse Papers Due

16: Fair Donation Gathering

- Food Project Meeting

18: Fair Donation Gathering

- Sheep/ Goat Showmanship

21-24- Heart of Kansas Camp

25: Fishing Day

- Sheep and Goat Showmanship

25-27: Junior Age Sewing Camp

27: Sewing Project Meeting

28-30: Senior Age Sewing Camp

30: Invite Businesses to upcoming trophy auction


 1: Trophy Auction

2: Meade and Seward County Day Camp

3: Extension Office Closed for Independence Day

6-11: Wide Awake Griff Golf

7: Foods Project Meeting

- Pig Showmanship class

20: 4-H Council in Kismet

21: Foods Project Meeting

25: Sewing Project Meeting


19-23: Seward County 5 State Fair

25: Let Amber Know if your are sending any exhibits to State Fair


 7: Extension Office Closed for Labor Day

9: State Fair Exhibits due to the Extension Office no later than 4:30.

11-20 Kansas State Fair

12: Arkalon Butterfly Count Day

26: State Trap Shoot

28: Record Books due to Extension Office by 4:30 or to the Council Meeting by 6:30

- 4-H Council Meeting


1: 4HOnline Enrollment and Re-enrollment begins

15: Clubs need to let Kylee know who your club's "Volunteer of the Year" is

-KYLF Registration Due

24: 4H Achievement Celebration


 20-21:  KYLF, Rock Springs