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Seward County

Seward County 4-H Club Information

Community Clubs

Seward County offers 2 community clubs. Both clubs are for children ages 7-18. The Wide Awake club leaders are Vail Garret and Vanessa Reever and the Ornery Otter club leaders are Rosa Conley and Brandee Cochran. If you would like to be in these clubs please contact the Seward County Extension Office. 

Shooting Sports

SPIN Shooting Sports offers a variety of shooting sports, including BB Gun, Archery, and Trap Shooting. Shooting sports offers a just a "taste" of the 4-H experience with a shortened program of the specific discipline your child is enrolled in.


Officer Books

Treasurer's Guide Book

Secretary's Guide Book

Reporter's Guide Book


Pin Applications

Member Achievement Pins

Key Award Application


Club Seal Award

Club Summary Report

Information for Clover Buds was gathered from the Kansas 4-H website.